David Lapp

When we asked David Lapp about his favorite place on his farm, this spot instantly came to mind.  Overlooking some of the 2300 acres that he farms with his father and son-in-law, he said that coming up to this spot made him feel “pretty insignificant,” looking down at the wide open fields behind his home.  He recalled the view of green waving wheat in the early spring through the trees, and that he would bring his children to this open hilltop to watch meteor showers at night.  This view was created by an access road built in the 1980s to strip mine the top of the hill, which is now curved in a very symmetrical contour following reclamation efforts.  After about 25 years of meadow growth, the land was put back into production, and Lapp now grows non-GMO soybeans here.  “We take care of the land, and the land takes care of us,” he said.

Click below to hear David talk with Anne about his favorite spot: